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Pharmacy Partnership

GoldenPoint Independent Scientific Lab

Why GoldenPoint Labs, Pharmacy Partnership?

GoldenPoint Labs provides high complexity PCR and Clinical Lab Services to Government and Private Sector Clients. We understand that “patient-centered” collaboration between the lab, pharmacy and provider adds value to the entire health care system.

We are focused on providing the highest level of service and responsiveness to patients on behalf of our clients and partners. Many aspects of patient care play key roles in both the need for a lab test and the interpretation of the test result. However, the overall systematic benefits of a GoldenPoint Labs – pharmacy partnership reach beyond the patient level healthcare decisions resulting in cost reductions, fluid information sharing, and clinical decision support.

  • Improved overall community health – we produce better outcomes together.
  • We lower health care costs by improving both clinical and financial outcomes
  • Streamlined flow of services Information between lab-pharmacy-provider.
  • Medical data sharing to support patient centered responses to prescibed drugs/treatments

A GoldenPoint Labs partnership can potentially improve overall patient satisfaction for a number of reasons – one being unnecessary blood draws. How many times has a lab been repeated due to a communication breakdown. Additionally, lab costs are reduced through partnership agreements and the savings are passed on to the patient with no surprises. The GoldenPoint Labs drive-up medical lab is fast and accurate with no appointment required. Convenience, lower costs, and accurate results is a win-win for the patient, pharmacy and provider.

GoldenPoint Scientific Medical Laboratory

Extensive testing capabilities; streamlined processes; quick turnaround times; and in-depth result reporting, are just some of the benefits you get when partnering with GoldenPoint Labs.

  • Wide range of next-generation robotic Instruments, equipment and software.
  • Highly trained scientists and lab technicians follow a process driven, regimented test methodology.
  • Dedicated molecular PCR only lab space.
  • Carefully monitored processes by our own custom developed software.
  • Our software platforms provide the highest level in process efficiency and chain of custody audit trail for test specimens.

GoldenPoint Labs offers a wide range of testing options that are safe, accurate, and confidential. We have all felt the “pain” of rising healthcare costs and many of us can only afford a high-deductible insurance plan. GoldenPoint Labs offers cost-effective testing to all customers for cash pay or insurance. Our up-front pricing gives consumers more control of their health and wellness.

Testing at GoldenPoint Labs can take under 10 minutes when pre-registered and results are often provided within 24 hours. No appointments and No waiting rooms – you remain in your vehicle until you are called.


While much has been said about “managed care,” managing clinical demands requires better information sharing between the laboratory and pharmacy. GoldenPoint Labs has integrative solutions that can significantly improve clinical relationships that support patient care. The benefits are undeniable.

If you would like to learn more about GoldenPoint Labs and pharmacy partnership opportunities – please contact GoldenPoint Labs (205) 573-6222 .

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