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Test Panel/Profile NameTest NameAbbreviationTest Number
Anemia (ANEM) H009939IronIRON-2H000661
Anemia (ANEM) H009939TIBCTIBCTI99999
Anemia (ANEM) H009939CBC w/ diffCBCDH009918
Anemia (ANEM) H009939FerritinFERRH000067
Anemia (ANEM) H009939FolateFOL IIIH000721
Anemia (ANEM) H009939Vitamin B12VIT B12H000224
Arthritis Panel (ARTH) H009938CBCCBCCH009917
Arthritis Panel (ARTH) H009938CRP (C-reactive Protein IV)CRP IVH000736
Arthritis Panel (ARTH) H009938Uric AcidUA2H000700
Arthritis Panel (ARTH) H009938RF (Rheumatoid Factors II)RF2H000017
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) (#H009915)Glucose ser/plGLUC3H000717
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) (#H009915)Calcium ser/plCAH000698
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) (#H009915)Sodium, NaH000989
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) (#H009915)Potassium, KH000990
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) (#H009915)Carbon Dioxide CO2CO2H000156
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) (#H009915)ChlorideCIH000991
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) (#H009915)BUN ser/plBUNH000421
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) (#H009915)CREATININE JaffeCREATJ2H000690
Cardiovascular Panel (GPSL-CADP) (#H009916)Complete Blood Count (CBC)CBCCH009917
Cardiovascular Panel (GPSL-CADP) (#H009916)TroponinTNTH000188
Cardiovascular Panel (GPSL-CADP) (#H009916)Creatine Kinase-MBCK-MB.H000043
Cardiovascular Panel (GPSL-CADP) (#H009916)C-reactive Protein IVCRP IVH000736
Cardiovascular Panel (GPSL-CADP) (#H009916)CalciumCAH000698
Cardiovascular Panel (GPSL-CADP) (#H009916)MagnesiumMG-2H000701
Cardiovascular Panel (GPSL-CADP) (#H009916)PhosphorusPHOH000714
Cardiovascular Panel (GPSL-CADP) (#H009916)SodiumNaH000989
Cardiovascular Panel (GPSL-CADP) (#H009916)PotassiumKH000990
Cardiovascular Panel (GPSL-CADP) (#H009916)ChlorideCIH000991
Cardiovascular Panel (GPSL-CADP) (#H009916)CholesterolCHOL2H000433
Cardiovascular Panel (GPSL-CADP) (#H009916)TriglyceridesTRIGH000781
Cardiovascular Panel (GPSL-CADP) (#H009916)GlucoseGLUC3H000717
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)Glucose ser/plGLUC3H000717
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)Calcium ser/plCAH000698
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)Sodium, NaH000989
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)Potassium, KH000990
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)CO2CO2H000156
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)ChlorideCIH000991
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)AlbuminALB2H000413
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)Total Protein, TP2H000678
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)ALP (alkaline phosphatase), ALPH000683
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)ALT (alanine transaminase), ALT-PYPH000685
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)AST (SGOT) with P5P (aspartate aminotransferase).AST-PYPH000686
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)Total Bilirubin, TBIL3H000297
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)BUN ser/plBUNH000421
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)Creatinine Jaffe ser/plCREATJ2H000690
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)eGFReGFREG99999
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)(#H009921)Creatine Kinase-MB (CKMB)CK-MB.H000043
Electrolytes Panel (ELEC) H009936ChlorideCIH000991
Electrolytes Panel (ELEC) H009936CO2CO2H000156
Electrolytes Panel (ELEC) H009936PotassiumKH000990
Electrolytes Panel (ELEC) H009936SodiumNaH000989
Hepatic Panel (HEPP) #H009923AlbuminALB2H000413
Hepatic Panel (HEPP) #H009923Alkaline PhosphateALPH000683
Hepatic Panel (HEPP) #H009923Alanine Transferase-PYPALT-PYPH000685
Hepatic Panel (HEPP) #H009923AmylaseAmylaseH000571
Hepatic Panel (HEPP) #H009923Aspartate TransferaseAST-PYPH000686
Hepatic Panel (HEPP) #H009923Direct BilirubinDBILIH000006
Hepatic Panel (HEPP) #H009923GAMMA-GLUTAMYLTRANSFERASE Szasz (GGT)GGT SzaszH000480
Hepatic Panel (HEPP) #H009923Lactate DehydrogenaseLDHH000080
Hepatic Panel (HEPP) #H009923LipaseLipaseH000789
Hepatic Panel (HEPP) #H009923Total BilirubinTBIL3H000297
Hepatic Panel (HEPP) #H009923Total ProteinTP2H000678
Hepatitis Panel (#H009923)FSHFSH. BH000099
Hepatitis Panel (#H009923)LHLHH000020
Hepatitis Panel (#H009923)Hepatitis A Antibodies (IgM)Anti-HAV IgMH000085
Hepatitis Panel (#H009923)Hepatitis C Antibody IIAnti-HCV IIH000286
Hepatitis Panel (#H009923)Hepatitis B Surface Antibody TotalAnti-HBs.H000064
Hepatitis Panel (#H009923)Hepatitis B Core Antibodies (IgM)ASBG IIH000086
Hepatitis Panel (#H009923)Hepatitis B Core Antibodies Total llAnti-HBc IIH000140
Hepatitis Panel (#H009923)Hepatitis B Surface Antigen IIHBsAG IIH000549
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Testosterone.TESTO IIH000216
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Vitamin B12 IIVIT B12H000224
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Folate.FOL IIIH000721
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Ferritin IA.FERRH000067
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Cortisol II.CORT IIH000089
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Estradiol.E2 IIIH000223
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Human Growth HormonehGH.H000263
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)TSH (Thyrotropin)TSH.BH000627
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Thyroid Peroxidase AntibodiesAnti-TPO.H000137
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)MagnesiumMG-2H000701
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Free T3 (Free triiodothyronine)FT3. BH000813
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Free T4 (Free thyroxine)FT4.H000201
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)IronIRON-2H000661
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Comprehensive Metabolic PanelCMPH009921
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Lipid ProfileLPH009905
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)DHEA-S.H000142
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Progesterone IIIPROG IIIH000235
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)Follicle Stimulating HormoneFSH. BH000099
HRT Panel (HRTP) (#H009925)InsulinINSULINH000120
Iron Panel (TIBC) (#H009926)IronIRON-2H000661
Iron Panel (TIBC) (#H009926)Unsaturated Iron Binding CapacityUIBCH000779
Lipid (LP) (#H009905)CholesterolCHOL2H000433
Lipid (LP) (#H009905)LDLLDLH000552
Lipid (LP) (#H009905)HDL Cholesterol Gen4HDL g4H000454
Lipid (LP) (#H009905)TriglyceridesTRIGH000781
Pancreatic PanelAmylaseAmylaseH000571
Pancreatic PanelLipaseLipaseH000789
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932GlucoseGLUC3H000717
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Calcium ser/plCAH000698
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Sodium, NaH000989
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Potassium, KH000990
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932CO2CO2H000156
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932ChlorideCIH000991
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932AlbuminALB2H000413
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Total Protein, TP2H000678
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Alkaline PhosphateALPH000683
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Alanine Transferase-PYPALT-PYPH000685
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Aspartate TransferaseAST-PYPH000686
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Total BilirubinTBIL3H000297
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932BUN ser/plBUNH000421
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932CREATININE JaffeCREATJ2H000690
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932CholesterolCHOL2H000433
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932TriglyceridesTRIGH000781
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932IronIRON-2H000661
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932HDL Cholesterol Gen4HDL g4H000454
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Ferritin IA.FERRH000067
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Folate.FOL IIIH000721
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Vitamin B12 IIVIT B12H000224
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Vitamin D IIIVITDT3H000800
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932TSH (Thyrotropin)TSH.BH000627
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Thyroid Peroxidase AntibodiesAnti-TPO.H000137
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Free T3 (Free triiodothyronine)FT3. BH000813
Primary Care Panel WELP H009932Free T4 (Free thyroxine)FT4.H000201
Renal Panel (RENP) (#H009928)AlbuminALB2H000413
Renal Panel (RENP) (#H009928)Calcium ser/plCAH000698
Renal Panel (RENP) (#H009928)Carbon Dioxide CO2CO2H000156
Renal Panel (RENP) (#H009928)ChlorideCIH000991
Renal Panel (RENP) (#H009928)CreatinineCREATJ2H000690
Renal Panel (RENP) (#H009928)GlucoseGLUC3H000717
Renal Panel (RENP) (#H009928)Phosphorous ser/plPHOH000714
Renal Panel (RENP) (#H009928)Potassium (K)KH000990
Renal Panel (RENP) (#H009928)Sodium (Na)NaH000989
Renal Panel (RENP) (#H009928)BUN ser/plBUNH000421
Renal Panel (RENP) (#H009928)Anion GAP (Calculated)AGAPAN99999
Renal Panel (RENP) (#H009928)eGFReGFREG99999
Thyroid Panel (THYP) (#H009929)Total T3 (Triiodothyronine)T3.BH000007
Thyroid Panel (THYP) (#H009929)Total T4 (Thyroxine)T4.BH000002
Thyroid Panel (THYP) (#H009929)Free T3 (Free triiodothyronine)FT3. BH000813
Thyroid Panel (THYP) (#H009929)Free T4 (Free thyroxine)FT4.H000201
Thyroid Panel (THYP) (#H009929)Thyroglobulin AntibodyAnti-TG.H000133
Thyroid Panel (THYP) (#H009929)Thyroid Peroxidase AntibodiesAnti-TPO.H000137
Thyroid Panel (THYP) (#H009929)TSH (Thyrotropin)TSH.BH000627
Total Nutrition Panel (TOTP) (#H009930)Vitamin B12 IIVIT B12H000224
Total Nutrition Panel (TOTP) (#H009930)Vitamin D IIIVITDT3H000800
Total Nutrition Panel (TOTP) (#H009930)Folate Folic AcidFOL IIIH000721
Total Nutrition Panel (TOTP) (#H009930)Magnesium ser/plMG-2H000701
Vitamin Panel (GPSL-VIT) (#H009931)Vitamin B12 IIVIT B12H000224
Vitamin Panel (GPSL-VIT) (#H009931)Vitamin D IIIVITDT3H000800
VITAMIN B12 / FOLATEVitamin B12VIT B12H000224
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)AlbuminALB2H000413
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)Alkaline PhosphataseALPH000683
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)Alanine Transferase-PYPALT-PYPH000685
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)Aspartate TransferaseAST-PYPH000686
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)Total BilirubinTBIL3H000297
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)BUN ser/plBUNH000421
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)CalciumCAH000698
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)ChlorideCIH000991
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)CO2CO2H000156
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)CREATININE JaffeCREATJ2H000690
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)GlucoseGLUC3H000717
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)Potassium S/PKH000990
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)Total ProteinTP2H000678
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)Sodium S/PNaH000989
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)CholesterolCHOL2H000433
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)TriglyceridesTRIGH000781
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)HDL Cholesterol Gen4HDL g4H000454
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)LDLLDLH000552
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)InsulinINSULINH000120
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)C-PeptideCPEPTIDEH000186
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)TSH (Thyrotropin)TSH.BH000627
Weight Loss Panel (H993301)Complete Blood Count (CBC)CBCCH009917
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)Complete Blood CountCBCH009917
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)IRONIRON-2H000661
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)Comprehensive Metabolic PanelCMPH009921
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)TSH (Thyrotropin)TSH.BH000627
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)Luteinizing hormoneLHH000020
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)Phosphorous ser/plPHOH000714
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)Lipid ProfileLPH009905
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)CRP IV (C-Reactive Protein)CRP IVH000736
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)Vitamin D IIIVITDT3H000800
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)Uric AcidUA2H000700
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)Lactate DehydrogenaseLDHH000080
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)EstradiolE2 IIIH000223
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)Gamma-glutamyl TransferaseGGT SzaszH000480
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)Free T4 (Free thyroxine)FT4H000201
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)Total T4 (Thyroxine)T4.BH000002
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)UIBCUIBCH000779
Wellness Female Panel (H009922)TIBCTIBCTI99999
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)Complete Blood CountCBCH009917
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)IRONIRON-2H000661
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)Comprehensive Metabolic PanelCMPH009921
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)TSH (Thyrotropin)TSH.BH000627
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)Luteinizing hormoneLHH000020
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)Phosphorous ser/plPHOH000714
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)Lipid ProfileLPH009905
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)CRP IV (C-reactive protein)CRP IVH000736
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)Vitamin D IIIVITDT3H000800
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)Uric AcidUA2H000700
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)Lactate DehydrogenaseLDHH000080
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)Gamma-glutamyl Transferase GGT SzaszH000480
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)Free T4 (Free thyroxine)FT4H000201
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)Total T4 (Thyroxine)T4.BH000002
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)Prostate Specific Antigen, FreeFPSA B.H000751
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)Prostate Specific Antigen, TotalTPSAH000499
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)UIBC (Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity)UIBCH000779
Wellness Male Panel (MALP (#H009927)TIBCTIBCTI99999


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Blood Test NameTest Number
Alanine Transferase-PYPH000685
Alkaline PhosphateH000683
Aspartate TransferaseH000686
BUN ser/plH000421
CBC W/ DIFFH009918
Chloride H000991
CO2 H000156
Cortisol II.H000089
C-reactive Protein IVH000736
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)H000142
Direct BilirubinH000006
Ferritin IA.H000067
Follicle Stimulating HormoneH000099
Free T3 (Free triiodothyronine)H000813
Free T4 (Free thyroxine)H000201
HbA1c WB %H000891
HCG + β-subunitH000148
HDL Cholesterol Gen4H000454
Hepatitis A immunoglobulin G-AntiBodyH000085
Hepatitis B Core Antibodies Total llH000140
Hepatitis B core AntibodyH000086
Hepatitis B surface antibody (anti-HBs)H000064
Hepatitis B surface antigen IIH000549
Hepatitis C Virus-AntiBodyH000286
Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Antibodies (IgG)H000269
Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 Antibodies (IgG)H000270
Human Growth HormoneH000263
IgG ser/plH000674
Lactate DehydrogenaseH000080
Microalbumin H000153
Potassium S/PH000990
Progesterone IIIH000235
Prostate Specific Antigen, FreeH000751
Prostate Specific Antigen, TotalH000499
Rheumatoid Factors II H000017
Sex Hormone Binding GloblinH000146
Sodium S/PH000989
Thyroglobulin AntibodyH000133
Thyroid Peroxidase AntibodiesH000137
Total BilirubinH000297
Total ProteinH000678
Total T3 (Triiodothyronine)H000007
Total T4 (Thyroxine)H000002
TSH (Thyrotropin)H000627
Unsaturated Iron Binding CapacityH000779
Uric AcidH000700
Vitamin B12 II.H000224
Vitamin D III.H000800

About this Testing

Blood Panels/Profiles PCR Pathogen

Blood testing panels are groups of laboratory tests that are performed together to evaluate a person’s overall health status. Blood testing panels can provide information on a variety of factors, including organ function, nutrient levels, hormonal balance, and disease risk. 

Blood testing panels can be used for routine health screenings, as well as to monitor the progress of medical conditions and the effectiveness of treatment. The specific tests included in a panel may vary depending on the age, sex, and health status of the individual being tested.


    Routine laboratory testing is one of the most important tools needed to help keep track of a patient’s physical health and well-being. While some tests search for markers of certain diseases or conditions, others can monitor how well medications are performing or even help detect signs of infection. GoldenPoint Scientific Labs offers a wide range of laboratory tests so that Health Care Professionals can make informed decisions regarding patient care.


    Blood work testing is also used to:

    • Help diagnose certain diseases and conditions
    • Monitor a chronic disease or condition, such as diabetes or high cholesterol
    • Find out if treatment for a disease is working
    • Check how well your organs are working. Your organs include your liver, kidneys, heart, and thyroid.
    • Help diagnose bleeding or clotting disorders
    • Find out if your immune system is having trouble fighting infections

    What are the different types of blood work tests?

    There are many different types of blood tests. Common ones include:

    • Complete Blood Count. This test measures different parts of your blood, including red and white blood cells, platelets, and hemoglobin. A CBC is often included as part of a regular checkup.
    • Basic metabolic panel. This is a group of tests that measure certain chemicals in your blood, including glucose, calcium, and electrolytes.
    • Blood enzyme tests. Enzymes are substances that control chemical reactions in your body. There are many types of blood enzyme tests. Some of the most common types are troponin and creatine kinase tests. These tests are used to find out if you’ve had a heart attack and/or if your heart muscle is damaged.
    • Blood tests to check for heart disease. These include cholesterol tests and a triglyceride test.

    Blood testing can provide important information about your health. But it doesn’t always give enough information about your condition. If you’ve had blood work, you may need other types of tests before your provider can make a diagnosis.


    For more information about our blood testing Panels and Profiles contact GoldenPoint Labs at (205) 573-6222.

    (205) 721-4601(205) 721-4601

    Source: MedlinePlus brings together authoritative health information from the National Library of Medicine (NLM), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other government agencies and health-related organizations.




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