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Speed to results is a crucial aspect in clinical laboratory testing and analyses. It is advantageous for medical facilities and reference labs to have their samples tested quickly and gain immediate access to results through a single portal, and no paperwork.

GoldenPoint Scientific Labs, a technology forward clinical laboratory, achieves speed of results through the “GoldenPoint Difference.” Its arsenal of technology-powered tools, skilled experts, and robust systems guarantee highly accurate sample test results with swift turnaround times to hospitals, reference labs, and medical practices.

“We consider ourselves as technology disruptors in the clinical laboratory space,” says Dale Agan, CEO of GoldenPoint Scientific Labs. Its origin as a software development company laid the foundation for its robust tech suite, positioning it as a leading clinical testing services provider.

Its origin as a software development company laid the foundation for its robust tech suite, positioning it as a leading clinical testing services provider.

GoldenPoint’s unmatched testing capabilities result from its optimized workflows, technical competencies, and expert staff.

Streamlining Analysis with In-House Driven Tech

Medical practices and large hospitals working with GoldenPoint experience the best of both worlds; it amalgamates a clinical laboratory’s efficiencies with a software company’s cutting-edge offerings. Its technologies—the GoldenPointMD laboratory information system (LIS) and robotic testing services—play a major role in maintaining high quality testing standards.

GoldenPointMD is one of the few organically built LIS in the industry. It seamlessly integrates with robotic testing equipment and third-party software like electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR). These integrations facilitate back-and-forth communication and workflows between GoldenPoint MD and third-party record systems, allowing clinics to place and view orders through a single system.

Aside from its core offering, GoldenPoint is home to multiple software to accelerate the test results. Its one of the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) trusted software vendors, offering connectivity and integrations with the state’s system, to reporting requested clinical data. It integrates with various devices like printers, tablets, webcams, and scanners to boost efficiencies, while its electronic document management system reduces manual documentation.
A 24/7 cloud hosting platform supports GoldenPoint’s entire system. It guarantees minimal downtime and on-demand access to all documents, files, and test results.

Achieving Quality Analysis through Robotics

Powered by its technologies, GoldenPoint offers a robust menu of testing services. It covers five categories of testing—blood, PCR pathogen, allergen, microbiological, and urine toxicology. Each category serves a wide range of tests that comply with multiple analytical standards.

“The ability to incorporate third party devices into our workflow and tie it together with technology has created an exceptionally accurate and efficient workflow,” says Sandy Agan, COO of GoldenPoint Scientific Labs.

For example, an array of blood panels and profiles can be deployed in different clinical environments. The flexibility enables it to create
custom profiles with a quick turnaround time to fulfill niche requirements.
Its PCR pathogen panels are primarily in-house, lab-developed tests, encompassing the most widely selected options. The respiratory test subcategory has various panels based on the clinical impact and the patient, like a viral-only respiratory panel for the pediatrics segment.

Toxicology screening is mainly used to confirm potential drug misuse, a popular protocol in pain management and addiction treatment industries. GoldenPoint automates tedious, repetitive procedures for PCR tests using pipetting robots with precision features. Its lab has multiple production lines to handle larger batches quicker. Despite the mass-testing capabilities, its service quality never takes a hit—a direct outcome of its technical mastery and the effort of its skilled professionals.

Once the testing instruments analyze the samples, the results are sent to GoldenPointMD for review. In-house lab technologists compare the initial order, verify the test results, and check them against relevant audit criteria. After verification, the advanced lab capabilities enable results to be sent to clients within 24 hours and available for viewing on the LIS or, if integrated, clients EMR.

Walking the Talk with Proven Results The team of experts behind GoldenPoint is comprised of passionate, clinically-educated individuals who embrace technology and are curious about it.

This facilitates a cohesive environment where everyone works to improve its services.

Its leadership has a constant pulse on the entire business and ensures its teams carefully monitor every step of a sample’s journey. The team’s proactive nature tackles issues at the root, guaranteeing nothing less than high-quality results. GoldenPoint’s streamlined internal processes and its expert tech team enable it to make enhancements to its software as per client requests. If clients need to change processes or information fields, the team vets and prioritizes the requests and addresses them through weekly software updates. GoldenPoint fulfills all competencies medical practices, hospitals, and reference labs require from a one-stop laboratory environment. Doing so ensures clients remain on top of their work through an invaluable advantage-utmost speed to results.

“Clients can access this information multiple ways other than through GoldenPointMD, like e-mail, text, or fax,” says Navel Chikwanda, CIO of GoldenPoint Scientific Labs.

The platform’s ability to consolidate and display test results in real-time is just one part of its magic. It allows users to filter sample analysis results by the patient, date, and other criteria, shortening the time to locate particular entries. Billing-related queries are resolved the same day by staff who have access to order information.

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